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Picture Showcase #6

I was going to title this post “Pictures of the Week,” but it’s a lie. I don’t get a chance to post pictures every week, so I’ll just resort to something that sounds better.

So I’ve uploaded about 50 pictures. Julia has been trying some more foods. So far, she’s had green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Fruits are coming soon!


Games News

Redneck Hockey

So the [tag]Carolina Hurricanes[/tag] won the Stanley Cup last night. While watching the news tonight, I swore I heard some politician annouce to his colleagues that “Redneck Hockey had arrived.” A quick search online, and sure enough, Redneck Hockey is alive and well.
What, exactly, is “Redneck Hockey?” I’ll open the floor here to suggestions…

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A new Google search

So there’s a new tool out from google that lets you search U.S. government sites. That seems fine and all, a one stop place for anything related to the government.

Well, almost. In an article posted on CNN just yesterday (6/14), the government, in a rush to digitize information, has made it a lot easier for identity thieves to get their information.

So let’s review. The government has put all sorts of information online. Some of it may contain sensitive information. Google has crawled through these sites and made it easy to find this information. So now all identity thieves would have to do is deduce some key searches, and they’ve hit the jackpot.

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A New “Ringtone”

I had read an article in the NYT this morning, and Susan sent me a link to it. Kids had taken an annoying sound that was supposed to make them scatter and made it into a ringtone. The idea is that is makes such a high frequency noise that teens can hear it and older people cannot.

I listened to it. It’s just annoying.

Apparently, these kids just haven’t heard of the vibrate feature on the cell phone. I have yet to own a cell phone without this feature. And can these tiny speakers in the cell phones actually achieve that high of a frequency? I have no idea, and I really don’t care. This will just be one of those fads that pass.


Julia’s Big Weekend

Julia had a big weekend. On Saturday, she tried green beans for the very first time. Her reaction was priceless. It wasn’t one of those grimaces you see on TV. Although Julia was a bit fussy right before Sharon started feeding her, Julia just froze as soon as she tasted the green beans. Then she was trying to figure out what the heck was in her mouth. Eventually, she ate it, but had problems with her tongue pushing out the green beans. All in all, it was a good first try at eating solid food.

On Sunday, Sharon went to get Julia after she woke up. We let her sleep on her belly (I know it’s bad, we do it anyway), and we found her on her back. She had finally turned over. It was so neat. We were just disappointed we didn’t get to see it.

I was looking after Julia later in the morning while Sharon was out for a walk. I heard her talking, so I looked in on her. She was up, and looking around. And out of the blue, she flipped over for me. It was so great to see her do that.

As always, I’ve uploaded 15 pictures to Julia’s gallery. Here’s a couple good ones.


Julia Photos

More pictures!

As promised, there’s more pictures (60!) of Julia online now. Here’s a couple of my favorites.


News Random

Some Random Thoughts

There were a bunch of things I wanted to blog about, but never got around to it. So here’s a memory purge.

  • The last day of school for Guilford County was today, but the EOGs (End of Grade tests) were in mid-May. What in the world do students (and teachers, for that matter) do during those few weeks? Hang out? Play games? In New York, the Regents tests were at the end of June. School was done when the Regents were over. There was no wasting time after the tests were done.
  • What’s the deal with the gay marriage amendment? Bush knew it wouldn’t get anywhere, but he’s still wasting time on it. Or maybe he’s just pandering to his base.
  • Speaking of President Bush, doesn’t he have enough on his plate before talking up this amendment? I mean, with the wars, the economy, spying/privacy scandals, and immigration ‘reform’, doesn’t he have enough going on?
  • Did you see Steven Colbert roast President Bush? It was funny, though Bush and the mainstream media didn’t seem to think so. I guess it’s not too funny when you’re the one being roasted.

Four Months!

I can’t believe Julia is already four months old! She’s doing well, and is growing so fast! Grabbing for things, talking to her hands, and she’s just about to roll over. Sharon and I thought she was going to do it this past weekend, but she just couldn’t quite make it.

I’ll be putting some pictures up tomorrow. After seeing how many pictures I’ll have to sort through before making my next addition, I’m just going to wait until tomorrow and go to bed.