Welcome, Big Brother

Our lovely administration is at it again, collecting millions of phone records in the name of “security.” I am reminded of a quote from Thomas Jefferson I’ve mentioned before, it goes something like this: “Those who would give up a little liberty for security deserve neither.”

What does the NSA think they are going to find in getting phone lists from all these people? The privacy violations that has been committed by this administration are shocking. Who would have ever thought that ordinary people would be monitored in a fashion like this? Just because it is possible to create a database like this shouldn’t mean it should be done. I blame all parties invovled in this one – the NSA, this administration, and the telcos (AT&T, BellSouth, Verizon) for rolling over and giving the government whatever they wanted. At least Qwest had the balls to say no.

There is one other thing that is particularly disturbing. According to a poll, most people think that what the NSA is doing is acceptable. This kind of intrusion needs to be stopped. If it’s not, it becomes just one more piece in 1984 actually happening. (If you haven’t read 1984, read it!)
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