No Church on Christmas?

When I first heard about some churches deciding not to have services on Christmas Day on the local news, I took it as a joke someone put out there and was picked up. Then when I saw the article on the NYT a few days later, and on the Weekend Today show yesterday, I knew it was real.

The main argument is that it’s not convenient to have services on Christmas Sunday, because not a whole lot of people go. People stay home to spend time with their families. They have plenty of other services during the week leading up to Christmas, so they’ll just skip that Sunday.

Excuse me?

So, does that mean there will be no services on New Years Day? I mean, many people will be recovering from a late night out, probably with a hangover. It won’t be convenient for them to get up and out.

Let’s just get right down to it. It’s the megachurches that are making the news over this one. I’m guessing they have done some surveys or studies, and have decided they will not take in enough money to make it worth staying open that day. Simple as that. A simple cost-benefit analysis told them to stay closed. Then they come up with the reasons to not have services.

Churches have services on Sundays. Just because it coincides with Christmas shouldn’t give them the day off.