A Sad Milestone

It’s only a matter of time before the U.S. executes it’s 1000th prisoner. Virginia spared what would have been #1000, and that “honor” will likely fall on NC.

I had wondered what state had carried out the most executions since 1976, when it was reinstated. Actually, I knew it was Texas, but was curious what the margin was between Texas and the rest of the country. From

    Texas – 354
    Virginia – 94
    Oklahoma – 79
    Missouri – 66
    Florida – 60

On average, Texas executes a prisoner once a month. Now I’m not necessarily against the death penalty, but it seems like it is used too often, and doesn’t really deter crime. On the bright side, there are 17 states that haven’t executed anyone since 1976.

Another sad fact – there are 3400 people on death row now.