DARPA Grand Challenge, Part 2

On October 8, a handful of teams will compete in a race involving unmanned vehicles. The goal is to navigate a 150-mile course with no human intervention. Last year, the furthest a team went was 7 miles. Here’s hoping that a team actually completes the race this year.

This is the kind of stuff the government should be sponsoring. I could deal without the inherent military application, but then again, a little bit of that is okay if commercial applications also come out of this. What’s your take?


Photograph your Car Thief

An alarm system has been created that takes a picture of a would-be car thief and send it to your cell phone. It also records it to an on-board hard drive.

Reminds me of the carjacking deterrents in South Africa. It was basically a flamethrower mounted to the bottom of the car. Someone tries to carjack you, hit the switch, and toast the would be thief. Crude, but pretty effective.