Fast Food Nation

I read Fast Food Nation on my flight to Phoenix, and it was pretty disturbing, especially the section on the meat packing industry. It also had a pretty damning account of the fast food industry and it’s marketing practices towards kids.

Even knowing all this, I still ate at Wendy’s tonight. And it seemed like any other Wendy’s that I’ve ever been to, with just a slightly different color scheme. The most disturbing part of it was just that there were so many kids there, eating the fries, drinking soda – not exactly eating well.


Sharon’s First Doctor Visit

Sharon made her first trip to the doctor on Tuesday. Not very eventful, in Sharon’s words, she was “violated,” and sent on her way. The only news out of it was that she has a current due date of February 6, 2006. So she’s about 6 weeks along now.

We took a picture on Sunday, and are going to take more pictures to track Sharon’s progress. Look for more pictures and posts in the near future.