Grandfather Mountain

We went to Grandfather Mountain yesterday. Had a good time, but it was a bit windy, with wind gusts peaking around 70 mph at the peak. Crossing the bridge at the top wasn’t a big deal, but trying to walk on the rocks was a bit tricky, especially when the wind picked up.

Also saw a bear habitat exhibit, an eagle habitat exhibit, a panther habitat exhibit, a river otter exhibit, and a deer habitat exhibit (but no deer). Wasn’t too disappointed to not see any deer, since I’ve seen them close up before. Check out the image gallery for uploaded photos.


iPods in odd positions

So I’m trying to figure out the usefulness of the iGuy, when I notice the different positions they have it in. You can bend the iGuy into a sitting position and place it on the iPod dock. But a bit more bluntly, it looks like your iPod/iGuy is taking a shit.

Seriously, the iGuy is not ‘chilling out’ on the dock as the caption on the site suggests. All you need is a bit of reading material in it’s lap, and you’re set.