Dutch Wonderland

We went to Dutch Wonderland last weekend, and had a really good time. The weather was a bit iffy in the morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon, and the girls stayed in it until they were practically falling asleep. We did most of the rides, and Julia was a bit hesitant to start. Kaitlyn, of course, showed no fear at all on any of the rides. Julia ended up loving the train ride, Kaitlyn liked the water park, and they were both a little too excited about the bumper cars. (Maniacal laughs followed every crash…)

Here are some pictures from our day there. More pictures from our weekend in Lancaster will be coming on Tuesday.

Please Touch Museum

We deliberately planned on not having a birthday party for Kaitlyn. She’s at a stage right now where she does not want to be the center of attention (though from the last post, I would have a hard time believing it). So instead, we took her to the Please Touch Museum in Philly. There was definitely some concern on our part whether Kaitlyn and Julia would last long enough there before having a meltdown. Thankfully, they didn’t, and we had a great time.

Kaitlyn’s 2nd Birthday

Kaitlyn celebrated her 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. My parents came down for a couple days, and we went to the Please Touch Museum. (Photos of Please Touch Museum will be coming soon.) Kaitlyn really liked the bicycle she got, and wanted to get on it right away, even though she can’t quite pedal yet. The cell phone was a huge hit too. She’s still playing with that one a lot, even playing with it as I type.

These are some pictures from the “party” we had, which was actually little more than inviting our neighbors over and having some cake that strangely tasted a bit like cornbread. It was good, but just a little odd for a birthday cake. Damn you, Martha Stewart.

Julia “Driving”

Julia and Kaitlyn have a habit of taking stuff out of the cabinet next to the dishwasher and climbing in. Julia calls it her “car”, and frequently tells me or Sharon that she’s “going to the store” to get groceries like milk, waffles, or bagels.

Today, Julia was doing her thing, getting ready to go somewhere. She got in, announced she was leaving, and closed the cabinet door. Suddenly, Kaitlyn opens the door.

Julia is inside, with her hands up as if there was really a steering wheel in the cabinet, and she was actually driving. She was a bit startled by Kaitlyn opening the cabinet suddenly, so immediately went to close the door. I got a good laugh from the whole bit.

Kaitlyn’s Little Adventure

Kaitlyn had a bit of an adventure this last week.

We’ve all been a bit sick lately, and it had looked like Kaitlyn was going to steer clear of it all… until last weekend. Then she started developing a nasty sounding cough. That cough got worse, and then was coupled with pretty severe chest congestion. By Tuesday, she was very lethargic. It was quite pathetic to see her on Tuesday afternoon, she was breathing okay, but whenever she was upset or excited, the breathing was much more labored. So Sharon called the doctor.

The conversation with the doctor was not encouraging. Here’s a brief overview of how the conversation went:

Sharon: Kaitlyn is coughing a lot, has pretty bad chest congestion, and struggles to breathe from time to time.
Doc: Give her a nasal saline spray.
Sharon: Umm, but she has chest congestion, not nasal.
Doc: Go ahead and give her a nasal saline spray.
Sharon: What? Umm, okay.

At that point, Sharon gets off the phone and we keep an eye on Kaitlyn to see how she’s doing. Of course, it’s getting worse, and Kaitlyn vomits on the Sharon as soon as she gets picked up. So they go upstairs, clean up, and Sharon calls the doctor again before going to the ER.

Sharon explains that there are the same symptoms, and throw vomiting in.
Doc: Yeah, maybe you should take her in. It sounds like some respiratory distress.

Ya think, Doc? Maybe if you listened before, instead of hearing “congestion” and going straight to saline spray, you could have recommended something better.

So Kaitlyn spent two nights in the hospital. She had managed to get both the flu and croup at the same time. They gave her plenty of medicine too, which, while kind of slow to take effect (at least for us), really helped Kaitlyn feel better. Her breathing was still pretty labored the first full day in the hospital, but was getting better that night, and by the second day, she was well on her way to recovery. It was very strange to see everyone come into Kaitlyn’s room wearing masks, while we’re all there just doing our thing. I totally understand it – they don’t want to pick up the flu. And yes, Kaitlyn had a flu shot. Just goes to show that they picked the wrong ones to protect against.

She’s still a bit sick, with coughing and some shortness of breath. But it’s much better than what it was just a couple days ago. We’re all quite happy to have this incident behind us, especially Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn and Julia Play Peekaboo

In the not too distant past, Kaitlyn and Julia decided they should play peekaboo during dinner. This by itself is not a big deal; they often play peekaboo during dinner, especially Kaitlyn. But this time, I had the camera ready to take a video.

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I’m not sure why they go so crazy, but it’s fun to watch regardless.

Conversation with Julia

Kaitlyn has just pulled out the plug to the computer, knocking out all the work Sharon was doing on editing some pictures…

Sharon: No, Kaitlyn! That was bad!

Kaitlyn walks away. Julia comes over to see what the commotion is. Sharon points out that Kaitlyn pulled out the plug from the wall, and that’s bad.

Julia: Oh my goodness!
Julia, to Kaitlyn: Don’t do that, K-K! That was very bad! Very, very bad! You don’t do that!

I had to turn away to laugh.