Piano Recital

The piano recital for Julia and Kaitlyn came early this year, but the girls still really well. The theme this time around was “Surprise” and there was no order to the program; the order was chosen at random. First up was Julia and Kaitlyn doing a duet.


Then a bit later, it was followed up by Julia’s solo.


Then Kaitlyn did her solo.

Christmas Parade

The girls walked in the local Christmas Parade today.

We thought it might be a bit cold to walk that far in the parade, but they held up quite well. The weather wasn’t too bad either, so that helped a lot.

The video was quite choppy, so it might look a bit strange because of the image stabilization.

Kaitlyn’s Puppet Show

Kaitlyn performed her own puppet show last night. Naturally, she had to design her own set first.

IMG_3181 IMG_3183 IMG_3186

Lots of effort went into putting it all together and drawing in all the details. We didn’t do anything either; Kaitlyn designed it, taped it all together, made the mess you see in the background, and put it up against a chair so it wouldn’t fall down.


Myrtle Beach, Kaitlyn’s Soap Bubble

Kaitlyn had a turn at the bubble wand thing too.

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